Roque Saint Christophe



Halfway between the Eyzies and Montignac-Lascaux rises in peak on Vézère the cliff of Roque St Christophe.
Remarkable for its powerful forms, its number of habitats and its age of occupation by the man, this site constitutes a frame of a rare and wild beauty.
This true wall of limestone, one kilometer long and eighty meters high, constantly undermined by the river and the frost, has widened with a hundred undergroung shelters and long aerial terraces. These natural cavities were occupied by man in prehistory then were modified to become a fort and a city in the Middle Ages until the beginning of the Renaissance. The visit of the Roque St Christophe allows to understand the mode of development of troglodyte dwellings. There, you will discover the imprint left by our ancestors on the rock as well as a conservatory of civil engineering machines reconstituted in tribute to the great medieval builders.
Visit without waiting. Duration of the visit 40 to 45 minutes. Free (arrow circuit with booklet). Guided (depending on the time of year). Easy and secure circuit.


Adult Entry
€ 9.00

Student or child over 13 years old
€ 6.50

Child entrance 5-13 years
€ 5.00



Phone : 05 53 50 70 45

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Easter holidays, We Ascension and Pentecost,
during the guided tours of 10:15 and 11:15.
Summer holidays from 6/07 to 24/08 every day except
Saturday during guided tours from 10:15 to 11:15
and 12:15.
Heritage Days: 15 and 16 September, visits
guided from 10h45h-14h45 and 15h45. Tariff entrances
Toussaint holidays from 28/10 to 07/11, during
guided tours of 11:15 and 15:15.
New schedules:
January 7 to 31: 2 pm to 5 pm
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From November 12th to January 6th: 10h-17h30
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July-August: 10h-20h