Thot Park


Parc du Thot


Discover the Cro-Magnon man and his relationship with the species he encountered in the Paleolithic. Meet the large mammals of the last ice age thanks to the Temporal Mirror, an augmented reality animation. Take a walk in the animal park and discover the species represented on the walls of the Lascaux cave or their descendants. Come and attend the feeding of the deer or of our 3 gray wolves from Europe, Taiga, Cheyenne and Django, and thus share all your questions with our animal keepers. The other must-see of the park: discovery workshops to learn about the Cro-Magnon way of life and share wonderful moments with the family!

Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotHinds
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotDeer
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotHow did Cro-Magnon man live
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotFallow deer
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotThe Temporal Mirror
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotWolves in the park
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotMuseum
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotAurochs
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotFire lighting demonstration
Parc du Thot
Parc du ThotCave Art Workshop


Thot Park
Adult : 8 €
Child (5/12 years old) : 5 €

Semi-detached Lascaux II-Le Thot
Adult : 13.90 €
Child (5/12 years old) : 9.70 €


Parc du Thot

24290 THONAC

Phone : 05 53 50 70 44

Email :

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Opening dates:
05/02 to 08/04 2022 : to 10am from 5.30pm
09/04 to 06/07 2022 : to 10am from 6pm
07/07 to 26/08 2022 : to 10am from 7.30pm
27/08 to 06/11 2022 : to 10am from 6pm
07/11 to 31/12 2022 : 10am to 5pm
Last admission : 1 hour before closing


Animations families during the school holidays and in summer: wall art, excavation, thrower shooting,
manufacture of grease lamp.

Educational workshops for school children on reservation at 05 53 05 65 60.

Possibility of ticket combined with the visit of Lascaux II.